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What Is Hibachi?

Blog-02If you are a Japanese food enthusiast and have yet to try hibachi, you are in for quite a treat. Hibachi is more than a style of dining; it is an experience! Here at Shinto Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Lounge, we specialize in hibachi and teppanyaki cooking and look forward to sharing this cuisine with you.

The literal meaning of hibachi is “fire bowl”, so you can imagine the amount of heat used to cook this delicious food. Hibachi is the cooking of meat, vegetable and seafood dishes on a high-heat, metal cooking plate. Under the cooking plate is a wooden or or ceramic container filled with burning charcoal or wood. Hibachi grills can be portable or built into furniture. At Shinto, our hibachi grills are large and surrounded by seating that sits up to 10 people. These tables are meant for entertainment. Even if you are a party of two, every dinner is a party!

The main appeal of hibachi dining is the entertainment aspect. When you join us for a hibachi dinner, you are guaranteed to have a great time. One of the greatest things about hibachi is that your food is cooked right in front of your eyes by one of our outstanding chefs. Our chefs attract an audience not only with their delicious food but their skilled maneuvers. Whether they are tossing food in the air, making a volcano out of sliced onions or showing off their knife skills, there is always something exciting being done. All in all, the mixture of tasty Japanese food and an amusing performance makes this style of cuisine very popular.

Are you ready to try hibachi? Visit us to get the full Shinto experience! We look forward to serving you.


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