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Looking For a Great Happy Hour? Get Some Sushi!

Sushi From Our Japanese RestaurantLong day at the office? Ready to go out for happy hour? We’ve got a great idea for you! Why don’t you and your coworkers get together and go out for sushi? Sushi is an enjoyable way to spend your happy hour. Take a look at some of the top reasons you should join us for our happy hour.

Happy Hour Sushi: Great Way To Connect with Coworkers

Want to feel more connected with the people who you spend 8 hours a day with? Go out for sushi for happy hour! Our sushi bar is casual and has a nice ambiance so you and your coworkers will have a wonderful time talking and getting to know each other.

Sushi is So Much Fun!

We know about those days in the office where everything seems to drag and the day never seems to be over. When it’s finally done, you want to go and have a good time somewhere. Sushi is something different from the everyday happy hour. You can even impress your coworkers by explaining the proper way to eat sushi. Make sure you also know the rules for ginger and wasabi. Sushi is an enjoyable experience for everyone! It’s so delicious and everyone can find something that they love.

Sushi Pairs With Everything!

Are you craving an after-work cocktail? Maybe a beer? Glass of wine? Feeling like having a sake bomb? Go for it! While there are some great traditional drink pairings with sushi, you really can’t go wrong ordering any drink you want during happy hour. With a full bar, anyone can order what they want and it will always taste amazing with sushi!

Sushi Has Options For Everyone!

Do you have someone in your office who is watching their waist? Perhaps there are some vegetarians in your office? Our happy hour menu has all the options that you could want. We have veggie rolls and other healthy options that will still make your mouth water. If you are feeling like being extravagant, you can order our award-winning Lil Delicious Roll or any of our great traditional rolls for half price.

We Have Some Great Offers!

We are proud of our great sushi menu that offers our nigiri, maki and traditional rolls for half price. We also always have great daily specials happening every day for drinks. You and your coworkers can enjoy all the sushi and drinks that you may want and you never need to worry about breaking the bank during our happy hour.

Come to Our Japanese Restaurant for Our Happy Hour!

If you are looking for a great place to go for happy hour, come join us! We have everything you and your coworkers could want! If you

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