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A Japanese Steakhouse: The Perfect Place for A Date Night!

Sushi Plate with Shrimp and SaladLooking for a great place to go on your next date? Whether it is a first date or just a special night, sometimes it can be difficult to figure out a place to go for your date night. You want to go somewhere that’s memorable and exciting while still being romantic. There are sometimes when you just want an unforgettable night with your date. A Japanese steakhouse is a great place for any date. Take a look at why you should have your next date night at Shinto.

The Perfect Date Night at a Japanese Steakhouse

There are so many reasons why you should come to a Japanese steakhouse for your next date night. We have the perfect food and atmosphere for a romantic night for any couple.

Dinner and a Show

Hibachi adds an extra element of fun to your meal. Hibachi chefs have been trained to entertain while they cook your meal and your steak. They make it an enjoyable experience so that you and your date will have a fun time together.

Amazing Food

Japanese steakhouses are well known for their impressive food. At Shinto, we offer the finest cuts of beef including our signature Chateaubriand. However, you could also get tender Filet Mignon or juicy NY Strip steak.

Full Bar

At Japanese steakhouses, such as Shinto, you can have a nice drink with your meal with a full bar. With a large selection of wines, beers, and cocktails, you can have a drink that pairs perfectly with your steak. You could even impress your date by knowing which wines should be paired with each cut of beef.

Wonderful Ambiance

Japanese Steakhouses are known for their cool and exciting ambiance. At Shinto, we have romantic lighting and a fun atmosphere so that you and your date will have a wonderful time talking and getting to know each other.

Choose Sushi or Hibachi

Not feeling like having steak? Have sushi instead! Going out for sushi is an experience all to itself. Our sushi bar has a more private feel than our main dining area. Also, our sushi bar also tends to be just a little bit quieter, so you and your date will have more time to talk and enjoy each other’s company.

Looking for Another Date Idea? Take a Sushi Rolling Class!

Sometimes it can be fun to make your own food on a date! Our sushi rolling class is so enjoyable for couples that want to learn how to make their own sushi. With our sushi rolling class each roll that you craft is paired with wine and sake. A sushi rolling class is an experience that you and your date will always remember.

The Romance of a Japanese Steakhouse

A Japanese steakhouse is truly one of the best locations for a date. With its romantic ambiance and the delicious food, it will be a night that you will always remember. Come join us anytime! We will make sure that you and your date have a wonderful time together.


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