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Holiday Party Ideas

Holiday Party Ideas

Office holiday parties can sometimes seem so intimidating that it’s tempting to abandon the tradition — but that would be a mistake. For a business, festive gatherings provide a chance for employees who work in different settings to get to know one another. This relaxed mixing is invaluable when it comes to team building and developing a company-wide enthusiasm for your business — both key components of productivity.

Another morale-booster? Going to the trouble to tell your employees how important they are to the success of the company. Even if giving out cash bonuses isn’t part of your corporate culture, confirmation that they matter is an ideal way to send the employees into the New Year.

When and Where?

Of course, it’s convenient to hold a party right at the office. However, most business climates don’t exactly evoke a festive atmosphere. After all, it’s hard for workers to get into the holiday mood if they can see their workstation from the punch bowl!

An event venue, along with restaurants such as Shinto, can fit easily into your holiday budget. These locations are known for providing a package of food, beverages and party space that meets a range of budgets.

Often, a holiday lunch party is the most budget-friendly option and certainly lends a festive note to that particular workday. This choice works best for companies that are able to close for a short time, or hire temporary workers — you don’t want to leave folks out! If you’re having an after-hours event, Wednesday and Thursday are the best days to book your party.

Plan a few activities. “White-elephant” gift exchanges, or tongue-in-cheek employee awards (a “MacGyver” award for handiest co-worker, for example), keep things light-hearted.

Keep it Fun, Festive — and Stress-free

If you’re the one tasked with planning your office holiday party, there are a few “golden rules” that will keep your party mission from turning into just another stressful work chore.

  • Create a new office party tradition if you can’t find a convenient or affordable option at the end of the year. Off-season gatherings are less expensive to throw, and fit more easily into everyone’s time-frame — so think January!
  • Make it a group effort. A party-planning team makes everything more fun and certainly helps lighten the load.
  • Plan a few activities. “White-elephant” gift exchanges, or tongue-in-cheek employee awards (a “MacGyver” award for the handiest co-worker, for example), keep things light-hearted.

The Most Important Element of All — The Menu!

Don’t forget to choose a fabulous menu. Again, a venue that already has packaged a few options will take the work out of putting together a cost-effective selection of dishes by yourself.

But you can still have the fun of choosing between different party scenarios, as with Shinto’s various hibachi party packages! And don’t forget our holiday gift card promotion. For every $25 in gift cards purchased, we will add an additional $5 on the house!

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