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Health Benefits of Sashimi

Japanese Restaurant SushiWhen it comes to Japanese food, there are a number of healthy choices, one of the healthiest options is Sashimi. Sashimi is simply sushi-grade fish that has been thinly sliced. It is technically not sushi because sushi actually refers to the special rice that has flavored with vinegar. Sashimi is usually served with daikon radishes. There are many reasons why sashimi is the best option for individuals that want to be healthy.

4 Health Benefits of Sashimi

Sashimi is the best option for individuals that want to have Japanese food but are looking to live a healthier lifestyle. Take a look at some of the benefits of sashimi.

1. Sashimi Has Fewer Calories

When it comes to grains, rice is one of the healthiest. It has a number of necessary vitamins as well as antioxidants that are known to help cardiovascular health. However, rice is also a carbohydrate. Carbohydrates are necessary for energy, but they do have a high number of calories. It’s good to eat rice, just in moderation. Since sashimi does not have rice, sashimi is the best option for individuals that are on low-carb or no-carb diets.

2. Sashimi Has “Good Fats”

There are 3 types of fats saturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated fats. There are polyunsaturated fats in salmon and tuna called “Omega-3 fatty acids”. Omega-3s are known to reduce inflammation and help with arthritis. Omega-3s are also known to lower blood pressure and can decrease the chance of stroke. In general, saturated fats tend to be known as “bad fats” and are in most meats, but salmon and tuna has a lower percentage of saturated fats than other types of meat.

3. Sashimi is High in Protein

Since sashimi is simply raw fish, it is very high in protein which is necessary for muscle growth and energy. Salmon and tuna have a very high ratio of protein in comparison to calories. Fish offers 1g protein per 4.5 calories.

4. Sashimi Offers a Variety of Vitamins and Nutrients

Sashimi is very high in a number of different vitamins and nutrients that you need in your diet. Some of these important vitamins and nutrients include niacin, selenium, magnesium, phosphorous, and vitamins B6 and B12. These vitamins and minerals are important to keep your body healthy and thriving.

Add Some Sashimi and Sushi to Your Diet

Sushi can be a very healthy option as well. Sushi rolls have nori which have a number of minerals and vitamins your body needs. Sushi rolls also have delicious vegetables that help improve your diet. If you are looking to have a healthier lifestyle, sushi and sashimi can be a great addition to the foods that you are eating. However, just a note, be careful about how much soy sauce you use. Soy sauce is very high in sodium which is thought to lead to high blood pressure in some individuals. You should only be quickly dipping your sashimi and sushi in soy sauce before you pop it into your mouth. Enjoy the deliciousness of sashimi while also enjoying its health benefits.


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