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DIY: Teppanyaki Recipes to Try at Home

April 1

April 2What is Teppanyaki?

Teppanyaki is a Japanese style of cooking, involving meats, vegetables, rice, or noodles. Various dishes are traditionally cooked upon a flat-surface iron grill, or a teppanyaki.

Let’s Get Cooking!

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, trying to get your children to try new foods, or wanting to bring your favorite dishes to your own kitchen, teppanyaki-style cooking is a great option. From the style of cooking, to the dipping sauces, to the meats and vegetables, there are so many great methods and recipes for you to try.

We’ve gathered some of the most popular teppanyaki recipes from around the Internet for your cooking adventure. You could try one of these at a time, or a handful of them for a complete teppanyaki feast. Put your cooking skills to the test, entertain your guests, and give your taste buds a treat!

What You’ll Need: The Basics

The specific ingredients you’ll need will depend on the recipes you decide to try. We would advise making sure you have the following items on hand to get started:

  • A teppanyaki grill, or any flat-top grill or skillet. For added entertainment, you could set up an electric griddle along a table or countertop.
  • Cutting boards
  • Sharp knives
  • Soy sauce—you can even find low-sodium, gluten-free, or organic
  • Small bowls for dipping sauces
  • Cooking oil of choice

Recipes to Try

Ginger Sauce

Your teppanyaki meal will typically come with two sauces, the first being a ginger dipping sauce. We think this sauce goes especially well with your freshly cooked teppanyaki vegetables. Many people enjoy dipping their meat in the ginger sauce as well! What’s your favorite thing to dip in the ginger sauce?

White Sauce or “Yum Yum” Sauce

White sauce, often called “yum yum” sauce, is the creamy, white sauce that accompanies your teppanyaki meal. We recommend using this sauce on just about everything—depending on your taste preferences. Many customers love dipping their shrimp and chicken in the sauce for an enhanced flavor. Others liberally pour the white sauce all over their rice, vegetables, and their chosen meats. There’s no wrong way to enjoy it!

Teppanyaki Fried Rice

Fried rice is a tried-and-true teppanyaki staple. From the hint of soy sauce, to the crunch of the rice, to the inclusions of eggs and vegetables, the flavors bring out the best in each other. Enjoy this dish on its own, with your white sauce, or mixed in with your meat or protein of choice.

Teppanyaki Vegetables

Zucchini and onions—so simple, and yet so delicious. We recommend pairing your teppanyaki vegetables with your homemade ginger dipping sauce. Add some mushrooms, carrots, or your vegetable of choice for extra nutrition!

Teppanyaki Shrimp

Don’t worry—you don’t have to toss this shrimp into your hat or pocket for your guests or family to enjoy it. Serve your teppanyaki shrimp with your ginger sauce or white sauce and watch how quickly it disappears!

Teppanyaki Chicken or Steak

Choose your favorite meat and get cooking! Your main course can be served on its own or with your rice and vegetables for a complete feast. Don’t forget the ginger and “yum yum” dipping sauces!

We hope you have fun trying these teppanyaki recipes! For the nights when you don’t feel like cooking, join us at our Naperville location for a teppanyaki dinner! Click below to view our menu and learn more about our restaurant. We can’t wait to serve you!


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