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Beginner’s Guide To Eating Sushi

Beginner’s Tips For Your First Sushi Experience

Beginner's Guide to Eating Sushi

If you have never seen or tasted sushi before, it’s normal to be intimidated by the presentation of the unfamiliar items. Many people are deterred by the unfamiliar ingredients or the raw fish, but sushi is a delectable Japanese cuisine that shouldn’t be missed. Your first experience with sushi is not only determined by how it is prepared but also how you eat it, and who you eat it with. Follow these helpful tips to help guide you on your first adventure with sushi and become a pro.

Find A Great Restaurant

For the first time sushi eater, selecting a great restaurant is highly important. Fish that is prepared poorly can spoil the experience and deter you from eating sushi ever again. If you aren’t sure about a particular restaurant, you should ask around for suggestions. Asking friends who pride themselves on being sushi connoisseurs or locals in the area who know about the best restaurants will help you find a great place.

Know The Different Kinds of Sushi

Most sushi restaurants will have a selection of sushi types available to order. Among the available types are sashimi, maki, and nigiri. Each type has slight differences and you can distinguish them by knowing the following:

  • Sashimi – Raw fish that is prepared on a plate without rice. This may be the most natural way to eat sushi but for beginners, this may not be the most ideal method of eating sushi.
  • Maki – The traditional sushi roll, maki incorporates one or two types of fish and vegetables rolled together with seaweed and rice, and it is then cut into smaller portions that can be eaten in one bite. For people who aren’t comfortable eating raw fish, this is a great place to start.
  • Nigiri – Slices of fish that cover a ball of rice. These are usually seasoned with a small amount of wasabi and soy sauce before it is brought to you.

Know About The Condiments

The most important thing to remember here is not to eat a large amount of the green paste that is served alongside your sushi. Wasabi is a spicy condiment that first timers tend to eat too much of when they’re first introduced to sushi. Eat it in increments and it will add a unique spice to your meal. Too much, and you’re sure to ruin your experience. Other condiments include ginger, which can be used to clean your palate, and soy sauce, to dip your sushi.

Choose A Variety of Sushi Dishes

If it is your first time eating sushi, you will want to choose a variety of dishes to learn about what you like and what you don’t like. Choosing the safe route won’t allow you grow your palate and find new things you enjoy. Choose from a variety of styles and sushi to get a sense of what you enjoy. Try ordering something that sounds interesting, or ask the chef for suggestions. If you’re feeling adventurous, order a few pieces of nigiri, maki, and even sashimi to find out what you like the best.

Find Some Friends To Eat With

Sushi is best experienced with friends. Whether you’re all new the eating sushi, or you have a few who are pros at it, attending a restaurant with your friends will make the experience even better. You can also bring a date to try nigiri and sashimi, or even a few specialty rolls to mix things up and try something unique.

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