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Our-History-01We often receive the question “What does Shinto mean?” from our guests. Find out the meaning of Shinto and why we model our entire company around this culture.

The Meaning of Shinto

The word shinto means “the way of the gods” and is deeply rooted in pre-historic Japanese agricultural and religious practices. These gods can be represented in the form of places, animals, natural objects and even human beings. Rituals and celebrations of Shinto honor harmony between humans and nature.
Once the Japanese believed that their gods resided in nature, Shinto shrines were places near beautiful and unusual parts of the environment. Common locations for rituals were by waterfalls and mountain tops. The key values of Shinto are to be helpful, pure of heart and grateful without any thought of reward. Another important part of Shinto is living in peace and prosperity.

In reference to Shinto Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Lounge, we offer only the best in quality, service and atmosphere, thus providing an ultimate Shinto dining experience. Join us today to experience “the way of the gods” first hand!