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6 Simple Tips for Eating Sushi

Eating Sushi For BeginnersFor beginners, sushi can be a little intimidating, especially when you don’t know exactly how to eat it. This can prevent people from trying sushi, which is such a shame. We’re here to help. Our guide will give you the confidence that you need to properly eat your sushi and enjoy your experience.

Our Beginner’s Guide: Tips for Eating Sushi

Honestly, eating sushi isn’t that hard. Take a look at all of our basic tips for eating your sushi.

1. Keep Your Wasabi and Soy Sauce Separate

We often see people take a dump a mound of wasabi into their soy sauce and mix it into a slurry. This destroys the unique flavors of both the wasabi and the soy sauce. It can also overpower the flavors of the sushi. If you want to enjoy your sushi with wasabi and soy sauce, place a little bit of wasabi on your sushi and lightly dip it into your soy sauce.

2. Lightly Dip Sushi into Soy Sauce

When you dunk your sushi into the soy sauce, it can break up the rice which will make the sushi difficult to eat. Also, too much soy sauce on your sushi prevents you from enjoying all of the delicate flavors that our chefs have combined in their sushi rolls,

3. Use Chopsticks or Your Hands

It can sometimes be tempting to grab a fork and stab your sushi if you cannot get the hang of chopsticks. This doesn’t make it any easier for you to eat your sushi. Forks will break apart the rice and the roll, making it practically impossible for you to enjoy your piece altogether. If you have a difficult time using chopsticks, it is honestly okay to use your hands. In fact, in Japan, sushi is generally thought of as a finger food.

4. Be Brave

We always try to make your dining experience at Shinto exciting, so try something new! Even if you think that you won’t like something or it’s a little too “adventurous” for you, order it anyway! Take a look at our sushi menu and have something that sounds interesting. You may be pleasantly surprised and discover that you have a new favorite dish! If you want to add some extra spice to your meal, consider ordering one of our spicier rolls.

5. Eat at The Sushi Bar

Watching the sushi chef is an entertaining experience all to itself. You get the chance to watch your rolls getting made and then you also get to enjoy your fish at its freshest. Our sushi bar has a modern vibe that makes it perfect for any happy hour or going out on the weekend.

6. Have a Fun Time Eating Your Sushi!

You don’t need to do everything exactly correct. Don’t be so caught up in the rules of sushi that you forget to have a good time. Order a cocktail or a beer to enjoy with your rolls and enjoy the time that you have with your family or friends.


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