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5 Advantages of Creative Japanese Catering

5 Advantages of Creative Japanese Catering

Tired of serving the same old appetizers and buffet entrees at your family reunions, birthday parties, and other gatherings? It’s not hard to take your celebrations to the next level when there’s creative catering available from Shinto Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Lounge. When you already have the perfect space for throwing a party, make arrangements with us to host your very own Japanese themed party. Read on to discover the five biggest benefits of a catered Japanese party.

Serve-Yourself Buffets

Sushi is perfectly suited to a serve-yourself buffet setting. If you don’t want to hire an entire wait staff for a large party like a wedding reception, a sushi bar is a quick way to get everyone fed while allowing picky guests to choose exactly what fits their palettes. Cooked options allow people who are adverse to raw fish and seafood to find tasty alternatives.

Rolling Classes

Need an activity to keep your party guests entertained while they’re sipping sake? Hire the team at Shinto Japanese Steakhouse to teach your guests how to roll their own sushi! We’ll supply all the materials, from the fish to the nori sheets, and show you how to assemble the ingredients and carefully form a perfect sushi roll. This is a great way to bring together kids and adults for a birthday celebration or a holiday event.

When you need some sizzle and flash at your party, go for the hibachi service.

Hibachi On the Go

Our catering services go beyond just cold dishes like sushi and appetizers. When you need some sizzle and flash at your party, go for the hibachi service. We’ll set up the portable hibachi grill and perform a full show for you and your guests, no matter where you’re hosting the event. Imagine how many people will be talking about your party after they enjoy some freshly grilled shrimp, steak and vegetables with classic hibachi sauces.

Your Own Bartenders for Sake or Cocktails

When you’re planning a big party in a hurry, calling for catering can simplify dozens of planning steps all at once. Arrange for a complete service of food, decorations, cocktails and entertainment from the same source to make sure the big day goes smoothly. We’re prepared to send in a team of bartenders with the best variety of alcohol and mixers. Whether your guests want authentic sake or a martini instead, our cocktail services can fulfill their needs.

Customization is Key

Finally, don’t forget that we can tailor the catering menu to fit any requirements set by you or your guests. Whether it’s accommodating someone with a food allergy or a preference for a specific type of sashimi, we can work around any request. Contact us today to discuss your catering options and make arrangements for your next party.

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