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3 Types of Sushi You Should Know

man using chopsticks to get some sushiGoing out for sushi is always a fun experience! It is nice to spend some time with your friends and family trying new rolls and pieces of sushi. It is fun to customize the flavor of your pieces with wasabi and soy sauce. However, if you are a sushi beginner, you may not know exactly what each type of sushi is and how it is prepared. Knowing the different types of sushi can help you choose the right pieces for your fun night out (we have such wonderful choices, you will likely enjoy anything you order). Take a look at our guide to the different types of sushi.


If we are going to be technical, sashimi really isn’t sushi. In actuality, sushi does not refer to the raw fish, it refers to the rice that has been flavored with just the right amount of vinegar. Sashimi does not have any rice. Sashimi is only the raw fish sliced into thin pieces. Sashimi is served at any sushi restaurant, so it is important to know what it is when you see it on a menu.


Nigiri is the most basic type of sushi. The sushi chefs take a bit of sushi rice and make a ball. They will then place a small bit of wasabi and spread it onto the rice, they will then lay a piece of seafood on top of the prepared rice. Nigiri needs to be eaten in a specific way. If you want to dip it into soy sauce, be sure to dip the fish, not the rice, into the soy sauce. If you dip the rice into the soy sauce, the soy sauce will overpower the flavors of the nigiri and the rice may break apart, making the sushi difficult to eat.

Maki Sushi

Maki is known more commonly as rolls. Rolls can be prepared using seaweed (nori), thinly-sliced cucumber, or rice as its outer layer. These are the 3 most common types of maki sushi

  • Futomaki – This is a roll where the rice and fillings are rolled inside the nori.
  • Uramaki – This is a roll where the rice is the outermost layer of the roll. The nori and fillings are inside the roll. This style is very popular in the US.
  • Temaki – This is also referred to as the “hand roll” This type of sushi is common in Japan, but not as popular in the US. It also tends to be a casual way to serve sushi, so nicer sushi restaurants will not serve it this way. This roll is served as a cone of nori with the rice and other ingredients filling it.

When you go out for sushi, don’t be afraid to try something new on the menu. You may find a new favorite dish that you can’t get enough of! If you want to get the full sushi experience, sit at the sushi bar. You get the chance to see the sushi chef make your sushi, then you get to enjoy their creations.


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