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Secrets to Making Perfect Sushi Rice

Secrets to Making Perfect Sushi Rice

Delicious sushi starts with the best sushi rice. Although preparing sushi rice at home is a bit more daunting than cooking everyday rice, it is possible! For budding sushi chefs out there, here are a few tips to prepare restaurant-quality sushi rice at home.

It Starts with the Rice

Before you can make quality sushi at home, you need the correct type of rice. Most people know there are different kinds of rice available at the supermarket, like brown and Jasmine, but many don’t realize there are different sizes, or grains, of rice as well. For the best sushi rice, you need short-grain Japanese rice. If you are unable to find this variety locally, you can substitute medium-grain California rice. Many companies label these varieties as sushi rice directly on the packages. As a last resort, you can purchase a wide range of sushi rice online, but it is often much more expensive.

Secrets to Preparing Delicious Sushi Rice at Home

Make sure to wash your rice properly. This is an important step which many home sushi chefs forget. Rice has a starchy powder on its kernels which you must remove to allow the rice to cook properly. To do this, measure out the amount of rice you want to cook into the pot or rice cooker liner you are using. Cover the rice with clean water and gently swish the water around. Once the water becomes cloudy, pour it out and repeat until the water stays clear.

Finish your sushi rice. After your rice is cooked, place it in a large mixing bowl. Sushi chefs use unvarnished wooden bowls, but you can use any type of large bowl except a metal one. Add the sushi su to the bowl and combine with a wooden spatula until the rice is completely coated.

Cook the rice right. A rice cooker or a steamer makes the best quality sushi rice. While not ideal, you can cook your rice in a normal pot. Try to stick to the directions on the packaging for the type of rice you are using since every rice is different, but if you can’t read the directions because they are in a foreign language, using one part of washed rice to one part of water usually works.

Mix up the seasoning. While the rice is cooking, you can prepare the sweet rice vinegar seasoning called sushi su. You will need rice vinegar, sugar, and mirin for this recipe. Combine four parts of rice vinegar, two parts of sugar and one part of mirin in a bowl. You need to make one-quarter cup of sushi su for each cup of cooked rice you want to use. Mix the ingredients with a whisk in a bowl until the sugar dissolves and set aside.

Finish your sushi rice. After your rice is cooked, place it in a large mixing bowl. Sushi chefs use unvarnished wooden bowls, but you can use any type of large bowl except a metal one. Add the sushi su to the bowl and combine with a wooden spatula until the rice is completely coated.

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