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4 Reasons to Have Hibachi Catering at Your Event

There are certain events in your life that you really want to be unforgettable. We know that you need to think about themes, invitations, decorations, and everything else. But what about the food? You want to make sure that all your guests are well fed. If you want your...
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The Steak Lover’s Manual

“What type of steak is the best?” We get the question all the time. We have a difficult time answering this because everyone has different tastes when it comes to steak. Understanding the different cuts of beef can help you choose the right steak for your hibachi. We...
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Chopsticks picking up salmon roll

10 Do’s and Don’ts for Sushi Eating

When it comes to eating sushi, it can be a bit confusing. There is quite a bit of etiquette at sushi bars that you may not be aware of. The number one thing to remember is that our sushi chefs work hard to create a delicate balance of flavors and textures. If you want to enjoy...
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The Beginner’s Guide to Sushi & Drink Pairings

If you’re choosing your drinks without considering the type of food you’re going to eat—or vice-versa—you’re not going to able to get the most out of your meal. The right drink pairings are just as important when it comes to sushi and sashimi as they are with a savory steak...
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Take-Out Makizushi Meal, California, Shrimp Tempura, and Tuna Rolls, with Soy Sauce, Pickled Ginger, and Miso soup.

How to Eat Healthy on Your Busiest Days

Convenience or Health? Picture one of these scenarios. You’ve had a long day of studying for tests and writing papers, and you’re not looking forward to doing the same thing again tomorrow. Maybe you’ve spent a day full of meetings, followed by a parent-teacher conference at your...
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Making sushi roll

4 Great Reasons to Take a Sushi Making Class

Looking for something fun to do this weekend? We have a suggestion for you: a sushi making class. If you are constantly craving sushi, a sushi making class will teach you the skills you need to enjoy a roll whenever you please. Whether you want to take a class by yourself, with a...
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April 1

DIY: Teppanyaki Recipes to Try at Home

What is Teppanyaki? Teppanyaki is a Japanese style of cooking, involving meats, vegetables, rice, or noodles. Various dishes are traditionally cooked upon a flat-surface iron grill, or a teppanyaki. Let’s Get Cooking! Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, trying to get your...
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The History of Hibachi Cooking

If you’ve dined at a hibachi restaurant before, have you been able to truly appreciate everything that went into making your meal? Surely, you can appreciate the great taste and unique flavors of your meat, vegetables, and rice. You can easily appreciate the skills and talent...
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Sushi Hoso Maki

Wasabi & Ginger: The Dos and Don’ts

It’s Happy Hour, and you’ve decided to order sushi or sashimi for the first time. You may notice a green paste and pink substance sitting on the corner of your plate. Sure, they make for a nice presentation, but do you know what they are and why they’re so essential to your...
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